ID Welcomes back Daquan Sessoms as Battery Coordinator!

Daquan Sessoms is excited to return to the ID family for the 2023 season! Taking the mantle as our Battery Coordinator/Caption head, Daquan is an educator based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He has been involved in teaching the marching arts since his graduation in 2013.

He returned to assist his high school marching band as a full battery technician(2013-15). He then stepped up to become the caption head for The Elizabeth Highschool Marching band(2016- present). He currently arranges the music and instructs full time for EHSMB who have garnered 3 back-to-back national and state championships along with an undefeated season in 2019. Daquan has also been a part of the Highland Regiment DCA corps as a full Battery Tech in 2018 and returned in 2019 as their Battery Caption head and arranger. He went on to join the ID team as a quad technician. This will be his second year as the battery caption head!

As a performer, Daquan has marched with his high school marching band since the 7th grade for a full 6 years at Elizabeth(2007-2013). He has also marched Quads for Bushwhackers of Princeton NJ(2013) as well as being the Hawthorne Caballeros section leader (2017)!

The leadership of Imperial Dynasty aim to create an environment that fosters personal and professional growth where each member is set to achieve their best and beyond!