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Imperial Dynasty is built on positive, often reconstructed discipline, perseverance, trust, self-esteem, teamwork, motivation, positive attitudes, education, awareness and personal success. Our vision came to life in 2003 and has steadily progressed. More children have been removed from the street corners and are using their time in a more positive way in the structured environment offered. We are a competitive drumline and colorguard associated with Winter Guard International (WGI), Tournament of Bands Indoor Association (TIA) and the American Marching Association (AMA) .We have won many trophies including seven (7) National Titles and two (2) State Championships in the AMA circuit. In TIA, we have completed our multiple season receiving Gold and Silver medals at Chapter 9 Championships and receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at All-Chapter Championships in Wildwood, New Jersey. In 2013 We were ranked 9th in the world in WGI championships in the A class division.

Our mission is to remove children from street corners and place them in a positive, structured environment where they learn discipline, perseverance, teamwork, goal-setting, and motivation through music and dance education, competition, and community involvement, to develop the self-awareness, self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence needed for their academic and personal success.

Contact Information

  •   (302) 521-8551
  •   1008 S Broom St, Wilmington, DE

The Need for this Program

Like most large American cities, Wilmington struggles with juvenile crime and gang activity among our lower-income youth.  Part of the reason for this is boredom--there is a serious lack of constructive activities for our at-risk youth after school hours.  Since the economic crisis of 2008, most of our city schools have cut or eliminated funding for after-school activities like sports and theater.  Art and music programs have been especially hard-hit.  For most of the low-income youth in Wilmington, IDAP is now the only opportunity to participate in music and dance education.  90% of our participants are from low-income families, meaning they cannot afford private dance or music lessons.

The Value of our Program

Structured youth enrichment programs like ours are a proven way to reduce juvenile crime, drug use and gang activity.  The main reason they work is that they keep our young people busy after school with constructive activities.  The effectiveness of afterschool programs was highlighted in a 1998 government report called “Safe and Smart: Making Afterschool Hours Work for Kids.” Summarizing research from across the country, the report found that afterschool programs can reduce juvenile crime by 30-44%.  IDAP also helps to counter the appeal of gang activity.  Many at-risk young people are drawn to gangs because they offer a sense of belonging that their fractured family lives do not.  According to US census data, 24% of families in Wilmington are female-headed with no husband present, almost twice the national average of 13.1%.  The thrill of competing as part of a team fills that vacuum in a far more positive way.

What we offer

Indoor Percussion, Steel Band Ensemble, Percussion ensemble

Our Sponsors

Longwood Foundation, Bank Of America, Principle Financial, New Castle County, Police Athletic League of Wilmington